Keyless Bushings

Keyless Bushings

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Keyless Bushings offer quick and simple mounting or removal of drive components on straight shafting without a key. The self-centering feature improves balance compared to set screw mounting. When tightened, the resulting interference fit allows high torque, high speed and a zero backlash.

Key Features:

  • Attaches to straight bores and shafts. Can be installed over a keyway (keys not required).
  • Friction contact between bushing and drive component transmits torque.
  • Most units are self-centering as installation occurs, providing a concentric fit and balanced assembly.
  • The axial position along the shaft for alignment of drive components is simple. Installation screws can be threaded into the removal threads to loosen the unit on the shaft to adjust alignment.
  • Various types allow for heavy torque, minimal diameters or shoulders for positioning the drive component.
  • Able to handle both radial and thrust loads.
  • Interchangeable with competitive brands.