P.T. International Corp. is an Industrial Power Transmission manufacturer offering metric and inch-based products. Learn more about our company and our capabilities in our company overview.

Here's a review of our Corrosion Resistant products on display at the 2017 IPPE Poultry Show. Featured products include mounted ball bearings (inch and metric), sprockets (metric) and roller chain (inch and metric).
Our SR2200 and SRE mounted spherical roller bearings are designed to meet standard "E" and "2000" series dimensions. All units are interchangeable with competitive brands and assembled in Charlotte, NC - USA.
Take a peek inside PTI's Quality Lab, where we use several gauges and other measuring devices to ensure product quality as a part of our ISO 9001 Certification.
Swivel Torque is one of the best ways to ensure a proper fit for your ball bearing insert in the housing. See how it's done properly in this informational video.

An informative overview of the four ball bearing mounting methods - setscrew, eccentric locking collar, concentric locking collar, and adapter. PTI stocks all four at our Charlotte, NC - USA warehouse.

Eich is the industry leader for high temperature, heavy load bearings frequently used in Steel Mills or applications of extreme temperature, such as furnaces. This video demonstrates how to install an Eich Split Bearing.
WINKEL is the market leader in heavy load linear systems. This animation highlights their Fast Pick, an efficient and space-saving system for packing, loading and unloading pallets.
Watch a live demo of WINKEL Fast Pick packaging system in action. It offers efficient palletizing and wrapping of mixed goods and is capable of up to 800 picks per hour.
Roll-Ring chain tensioners keep chains aligned and extend chain life while reducing downtime. This video shows one easily installed in seconds. After installation, the tensioner should be elliptical in shape.
PTI offers rapid prototyping with the help of our 3D Printer. Here it puts the finishing touches on a 3D printed pillow block.

PTI's Laser Etcher makes customized products and private label branding easy. Our engineers have successfully etched on aluminum, mounted bearing housings, end covers, 3D printed parts, even a watch and a leather wallet.