We offer a wide range of European Metric and American Standard Industrial Power Transmission Products. Whether in search of replacement parts for equipment built in Europe, designing equipment that will export to a metric end use market, or just in search of standard inch (imperial) products, PTI stocks a complete range of mounted bearing and drive-related products.

Our Products Include:

Mounted Ball Bearings

Mounted Roller Bearings & Accessories   

SRE & SR2200 Series            

Roller Bearings, Adapters & Accessories

Roller, Conveyor & Attachment Chain          

Metric Sprockets

Taper Bushings, Key Stock & Weld-On Hubs        

Keyless Bushings

Metric Spur Gears and Racks  

Belt Drive Products

Shaft Couplings     

And many more...

ISO 9001:2008 Certified